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Chakras are the energy centers within the human body that help the body direct its processes smoothly. They influence not only the physical functions of our body but also the way we meet our emotions, our level of self-consciousness and our drive to self-development. All reasons to get our chakras strong and powerful!

The word chakra (चक्र) derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. A chakra can best be described as a spinning wheel of light. The human body has eight major chakras. These chakras are located along the central channel through which higher cosmic energy enters the body.

In a healthy chakra system, all chakras are interconnecting with one another, strong and spinning in a clockwise direction. The energy centered in the chakras has a very profound effect on our lives. In order to live up to our potential, they all need to be strong and powerful.


COLOR YOUR CHAKRAS™ – THE 40 Chakra Patterns

The Color Your Chakras™ full set contains 5 patterns for each of the major chakras. Giving color to the patterns cleanses, heals and strengthens the specific chakra and involves positive changes in different areas of life.


img_chakra1 Step 1-5: First/Root Chakra
(1) Stability, (2) Vitality, (3) Confidence, (4) Courage and dare, (5) Fulfillment
img_chakra2 Step 6-10: Second/Sacral Chakra
(6) Passion, (7) Trust, (8) Creativity, (9) Kundalini, (10) Vision
img_chakra3 Step 11-15: Third/Solar Plexus Chakra
(11) Faith, (12) Diligence, (13) Self-respect, (14) Power, (15) Joy
img_chakra4 Step 16-20: Fourth/Heart Chakra
(16) Forgiveness, (17) Unconditional love, (18) Self-love, (19) Compassion, (20) Dedication
img_chakra5 Step 21-25: Fifth/Throat Chakra
(21) Listening, (22) Self-expression, (23) Doing, (24) Independence, (25) Flow
img_chakra6 Step 26-30: Sixth/Third-eye Chakra
(26) Leading, (27) Revealing, (28) Intuition, (29) Inspiration, (30) Channeling
img_chakra7 Step 31-35: Seventh/Crown Chakra
(31) Oneness, (32) Acceptance, (33) Knowledge, (34) Clarity, (35) Peacefulness
img_chakra8 Step 36-40: Eighth/Heavenly Chakra
(36) Wisdom, (37) Journey, (38) Purity, (39) Potential, (40) Empowerment