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Jiska van der Linden - Color Your Chakras

Jiska van der Linden

A few years ago I made myself an appointment with an expert in the field of energy therapy. This move changed my life forever. Within a few treatments I realized that the therapy not only caused an improvement in my physical health, but improved my overall well-being.

I became aware of my body, feelings, emotions, thoughts and fears. I was in a process of empowerment. I started to see who I really am and what makes me happy. I found my way to take control over my life and become that person. In addition to my activities as a graphic designer and web designer I started to study energy therapy myself.

In 2015, when coloring for adults had proved to be a lasting trend, the idea came up to use all of my abilities and experience and create something special. Patterns that are not only relaxing and fun to color, but will fill our bodies and souls with healing energy.

My goal with this therapy is to hand over a tool to people all over the world to unlock and live up to their potential. A tool that will contribute to their happiness.

This therapy fits both persons who have no or very little knowledge of healing cosmic energies, as well as those who want to deepen their understanding.