About the Therapy


An opened box of Color Your Chakras™. Showing the first drawing of the therapy, markers and a chakra map.

Color Your Chakras™: A 40-Step Therapy for Self-Empowerment

Color Your Chakras™ is a coloring therapy for self-empowerment. It contains 40 highly effective and powerful chakra healing patterns for coloring (see below). Patterns that are inspired and guided by higher cosmic energy. Giving them color ignites a process of self-empowerment that leads us to a state in which we fully understand and express our own personal strengths and capabilities. 

Each patterns corresponds with one of our eight major chakras and addresses a specific area of life. Giving color to the patterns causes both our bodies filled with pleasant and soothing energy. It spreads throughout our chakra system and effectively cleanses, balances and strengthens our chakras.

Each patterns is accompanied by a short sentence. It is open to infinite possibilities of interpretation and serves as a focus point for our understanding of the empowerment process. Each patterns will give you exactly what you need at the specific time. Emotions will surface, insights will spontaneously pop up into your mind and an overall feeling of serenity will fill your body.

The therapy may be repeated as many times as wished. Coloring the therapy more than once strengthens our chakras more and more until we will be able to live a self-empowered life.

Who does this therapy fit?

  • Anyone looking for relaxation and a stress relieving activity. The coloring of the patterns is typically experienced as a kind of meditation.

  • The therapy is suitable for adults of all ages, as it is never too late to start a process of self-empowerment! It does not require any knowledge of the chakra system nor self-empowerment.

  • The therapy fits both individuals and groups. It’s a great activity for healing parent-child relationships and bringing families together.
  • The therapy is a great addition to any type of well-being or spiritual practice like acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, mindfulness and more…

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