Personal Entry Set (3 Drawings)


Color Your Chakras™ Self-Empowerment Therapy - Personal Entry Set - Buy Now!

Color Your Chakras™ Personal Entry Set – Buy Now!

Color Your Chakras™ is a fascinating self-empowerment therapy. It contains 40 highly effective and powerful chakra drawings for coloring. Each of these drawings corresponds with one the eight major chakras of our bodies. Giving color to the drawings fills us with pleasant and soothing cosmic energy that cleanses, balances and strengthens our chakra system. Click here to read more about the therapy.

For You

I now offer you a personalized Color Your Chakras™ entry set, containing 3 drawings. The names of the drawings are drawn from a pool of 40 names, corresponding to 40 drawings of the full set.

Yes, you’re right… I probably don’t know you or the person you intend to give this entry set to. However, Color Your Chakras™ brings us something exciting! All drawings are inspired by higher cosmic energy and so is the selection process of the 3 drawings. So… Let’s let the Universe decide!

Color Your Chakras™ Certificate

What does the personal entry set include?

  • 3 drawings selected just for you or the person you intend to give this set to. After purchase we will ask for your/his/her/their name(s).

  • a certificate with your/his/her name, date and the selected drawings

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