Therapy Reviews


The richest, most amazing and spiritual therapy you will meet. A true masterpiece. Highly recommended!


“Seriously! You just HAVE to color this therapy at least once in your life. It made me let go of such an amount of emotional baggage I was carrying around. Such a relieve.”


“The coloring brings me peace. It is a wonderful activity. Some patterns move me more deeply than others. A lot of them give me insight about myself while coloring. Several make a lot of emotions to surface. Sometimes I understand where these emotions come from, at times I don’t.

The coloring of the patterns is like a journey full of new experiences. I really enjoy working on myself this way.”


“At the moment I am coloring Color Your Chakras for the second time. The first I colored the patterns, they brought a range of, sometimes hidden, emotions and feelings into my awareness. I let go of sadness, fear and anger and experienced what it is like to be fully at peace. Now that I am coloring the patterns for a second time they touch me at an even deeper, more spiritual level. Each time I color I know that I am getting closer to my soul’s mission.”


“The message that the patterns are delivering to me becomes increasingly clear during the coloring. It penetrates deeply into the core of my being. The strength of the message makes me feel at peace, it gives me (self) confidence and it helps me to understand who I am and what I am capable of. With each pattern I become closer to myself.

Is it possible to give a higher rating? 🙂 I can’t even express how much it gives me.”


“My first acquaintance with the patterns of Color Your Chakras took place when I participated in a workshop organized by Jiska.

The pattern I chose to color during the workshop had a message for me that was very accurate for me at that time. A message in the form of a sentence that was exactly what I needed.

During coloring I felt how my concentration level rose and how I slowly entered meditative state. The coloring created a peaceful and serene feeling inside of me.

That same evening I could not stop coloring. The colors I used I chose without looking, something that felt really good at that moment.

Now the pattern hangs in my living room and I still feel its healing power and the peace and serenity it creates in me when I look at it.”